What do we mean by Literacy?
The What, Why and How

It's all about reading and writing

  • To look at what is understood by ‘literacy’?
  • To understand the key principles of early reading
  • To understand the key principles of early writing
  • To understand what is needed to resource an appropriate environment to underpin literacy skills

During this session we will review the statutory expectations for early literacy.

  • What do they mean?
  • What they don't mean?
  • What is really key to underpinning early literacy
  • Why early literacy is so important in practice and who it is important for
  • How we can develop practice to ensure we are meeting our children's needs

This session also includes looking at the importance of early brain development and appropriate physical development. Once you have completed this training, you will have useful tools to develop literacy as well as ideas how to develop appropriate environments.

For more in-depth information on this training and how it can impact you, your staff, your provision and your children, just give me a call or drop me an email.

"Education must be based on research and reflection. Pedagogy must be underpinned by understanding of children and developmentally informed practice."

Dr Sue Allingham

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