Characteristics of Effective Teaching and Learning
Looking at roles, environments, curriculum & more!

Through this interactive and practical session, we will unpack what teaching and learning look like in effective and appropriate Early Childhood Education.

Using the Characteristics of Effective Teaching and Learning to inform our practice and provision is a statutory requirement. Here we will use this vocabulary as a lens in which to analyse our practice and provision.

Strategies and proformas will be shared for team reflection and planning to enable children to make the best possible progress.

We will cover:

  • The environment: Physical and Emotional
  • The role of teacher
  • The children and families
  • The ‘curriculum’
  • Sustained, shared thinking

For more in-depth information on this training and how it can impact you, your staff, your provision and your children, just give me a call or drop me an email.

"Education must be based on research and reflection. Pedagogy must be underpinned by understanding of children and developmentally informed practice."

Dr Sue Allingham

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