It's Stage Not Age - Child Development
The What, Why and How

During this interactive session we will 

  • Look at why understanding the different stages child development is important in our role
  • Take an in-depth look at child development
  • Reflect on early brain development
  • Develop an understanding of how each stage builds on the one before
  • Look at how they knowledge impacts on the physical and emotional environments we provide

One of the most important elements of this training is for you to understand the key differences between the stages. 

We will use case studies and videos to stimulate discussion about developmentally appropriate practice

  • Why do we need to understand the different stages?
  • How does this help us in our role?
  • How doe we use what we know?
  • What are the challenges and barriers?
  • How can they be overcome?

Using the Birth to Five Matters Guidance, we will unpick the key differences between the stages and then use this information to complete a format or take into practice that can be shared with colleagues and form the basis for understanding and action.

For more in-depth information on this training and how it can impact you, your staff, your provision and your children, just give me a call or drop me an email.

"Education must be based on research and reflection. Pedagogy must be underpinned by understanding of children and developmentally informed practice."

Dr Sue Allingham

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