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    Get Your Life Back: Holistic Planning in the Early Years (Individual)

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    An early childhood classroom is a busy place! Educators have many demands from children, parents, administration and government compliance requirements.

    This course has 3 practical modules to show you how to make the most of everyday without the stress and pressure of too much paperwork. We cover effective ways to Observe children’s learning, Plan interesting child centred learning experiences, and informative ways to Assess and Reflect on learning. Each session is presented in a conversational way between Dr Sue Allingham and Dr Kathryn Murray as they share real life stories, along with practical, experienced and researched based strategies to navigate compliance and Get Your Life Back‘!

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    Leuven Scales of Wellbeing & Involvement (Individual)

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    The Leuven scale is a 5 point scale that allows those working directly with children to measure a child’s emotional well-being and involvement. Using the Leuven scales can make a huge difference to the lives of the children you look after and is particularly important in the Early Years because it can safeguard a child’s emotional development while encouraging engagement for their learning development.

    I have delivered this training many times both nationally and internationally, and am now sharing this with you; the course is made up of two parts – Part One being Wellbeing and Part Two being Involvement. and alongside my specially recorded presentations you can download copies of the PowerPoint with a space to write notes and also the hand-outs to support your learning. reflective exercises and templates I have developed.

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"Education must be based on research and reflection. Pedagogy must be underpinned by understanding of children and developmentally informed practice."

Dr Sue Allingham

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