Leuven Scales of Wellbeing & Involvement (Individual)

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Leuven Scales of Wellbeing & Involvement (Individual)


The Leuven scale is a 5 point scale that allows those working directly with children to measure a child’s emotional well-being and involvement. Using the Leuven scales can make a huge difference to the lives of the children you look after and is particularly important in the Early Years because it can safeguard a child’s emotional development while encouraging engagement for their learning development.

I have delivered this training many times both nationally and internationally, and am now sharing this with you; the course is made up of two parts – Part One being Wellbeing and Part Two being Involvement. and alongside my specially recorded presentations you can download copies of the PowerPoint with a space to write notes and also the hand-outs to support your learning. reflective exercises and templates I have developed.

If you would like a one-to-one session with me, before, during or after undertaking this training, you can either contact me or purchase an hour of consultancy and we can then arrange a suitable time.


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