Please see, below, the list of my current recorded training sessions that are available; I am in the process of adding to these so very much a work in progress. 

My vision for creating this range of courses is to provide an evergreen resource that supports personal and staff development. 


They can be used in a variety of ways, for the individual, for groups i.e. staff events. Each course will be developed with reflective and other tasks alongside a questionnaire, all of which need to be completed before a certificate to evidence CPD can be awarded.


It is important to me that I can provide a blended learning approach where required including live introductions and reflective sessions enabling me to host conversations with Delegates to provide a more interactive experience including discussion and the opportunity to ask questions.

I will be, from time to time, offering group introductions and reflective sessions to those individuals who would like to take advantage of this facility.

"Education must be based on research and reflection. Pedagogy must be underpinned by understanding of children and developmentally informed practice."

Dr Sue Allingham

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